RLA & NLA to join forces

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This may be a controversial opinion but I see good things to come to the private rental sector.

With RLA and NLA planning to unify their organisations it will lead to a better represented Private Rental Sector. There are consultations underway to recognise the contributions landlords make to our society and how to optimise the sector.

The new association will have approximately 80,000 landlords with around half a million properties. To think that the current homeless rate is 360,000 people in the uk and that those properties would more than cover it (of course it isn’t that simple).

The point is that a united sector can better communicate and negotiate with the government to maximise the benefits on both sides.

This could mean improving the universal credit system making the concept less undesirable to landlords thus, increasing volume of social housing. I could spend all day discussing the benefits to this change. So, I advise you to look into it further.


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